Certify and Blockhaine all your files in real time

CEERTIF, 1st mobile application for the world of installers, agents and insurers in France

CEERTIF is an IOS and Android application that allows you to geolocate and secure your media in real time on our platform via the TEZOS blockchain


"With Ceertif, knowing in real time the status of a construction site has never been so easy" Michael

"Since my installers use Ceertif, I can control in real time the worksites", Erick

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Photos, Videos, Scans, Documents since 2020


Companies trust us in the field of inspection, construction and insurance


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Android or ios Apps

Ceertif is available for free download on IOS and Android

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Autonomous and two-click account opening for your installers, inspectors, experts.

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Intuitive, multi-language platform, application training in just a few minutes.

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Your teams have a smarphone, zero investment in hardware, all updates are available in real time

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You only pay for what you use, opening unlimited accounts per company for all your employees.


Ceertif thought by Professionals for Professionals of the building, the Construction, the Control and the Insurance world

Ceertif, the application that allows you in a few clicks to obtain the assurance that your photos, videos, scans made on a construction site or any other place, are inalienable and unalterable both on the file and on its date by any third party and brings you an almost perfect proof with the combination of Blockchain technology


Geolocation of each file, in connected mode and also offline mode in white zones in France.


Each file is time-stamped by the application without any intervention


On each photo video, scan made with Ceertif, is added a watermark containing the logo of your choice, file name, geolocation, date and time, an almost perfect proof.

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Unlimited accounts

Each customer can create as many collobarator accounts as needed for free.

Web client management in SAAS mode

Access your space and view the work of your employees in real time

Blockchain certificate

Get in one click the Blockchain certificate of our partner Bailiff

Overview of CEERTIF

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"for your eyes only"

Credibly synthesize multimedia networks in the face of enterprise-wide re-engineering imperatives while fully testing web readiness. Continuously leverage existing global interfaces


Find here our latest information on the evolution of the CEERTIF application

Multilingual for everyone!

Ceertif is multilingual!

Following your numerous requests, Ceertif is now available in 7 languages, English, French, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Punjabi, Romanian, contact us if a language is missing on contact@ceertif.com


Use Ceertif even in the White Zone

No network when you arrive on site ! no problem. In case of absence of 3/4G, we use the GPS chip of your internal smartphone to geo-locate you and we temporarily keep all your files. As soon as the network is available, we automatically send your files to our servers. A notification appears to confirm that your files have been uploaded.

Forgot your password?

I forgot my password again boss!

For reasons of confidentiality, every 3 days, we ask to give the password to our users, but often they forget it, we brought a simple solution, it is enough to click on I forgot my password, to indicate its email and you receive an OTP on that one.et hop! you are on Ceertif.

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You have a particular request, you want to know more about our solution CEERTIF, you encounter a bug, no problem 24/24 we will respond to your requests. Attention only for CEERTIF we do not assure for the deliveries UBER EAT or Amazon !😁

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